Sunday, February 12, 2006

Still Alive...

Been a while since I posted. Been busy--moved to another place in Auburn, did all the holiday stuff, been really busy at work. Been sick, might be getting sick again (damn crud keeps goin' round, and I'm not drinking enough whiskey to keep it away).

Still getting backed up on projects. Have about three articles I've been kicking around to finish and publish. One about the need for some real strategic planning in the Libertarian Party, I keep re-writing in an attempt to get the point across without insulting folks.

Still working on making The Ancap Agency a real paying gig--I've been doing too many jobs for no charge. Advertising is a problem for a business based on helping its clients maintain a low profile. Can't really offer references, can't advertise in the normal ways and places. I'm hoping some referrals will kick some business my way, but I'll have to build up a rather large number of clients to generate enough referrals--so it's going to be a while. In the meantime, I need to do some fishing, find a few likely candidates, generate proposals, and sell them on the ideas. We'll see.

Still haven't found any likely jobs in NH. I may have to actually take the time and go up to look around. I'd rather not jump in without having some things set up in advance, but haven't had much like trying to do things by remote.

Anyone knows of a decent paying job for someone with my skills (drop me a line if you don't know what they are) in NH, send me the info. I'd also be interested in an entry-level machinist job, esp. if its an apprenticeship job. I want to add that to my skill set, and I'd eventually like to have my own machine shop (not as a business, but for my own projects).

The Commando's Prayer

Give me, my God, what you still have;
give me what no one asks for.
I do not ask for wealth, nor success,
nor even health.

People ask you so often, God, for all that,
that you cannot have any left.
Give me, my God, what you still have.
Give me what people refuse to accept from you.
I want insecurity and disquietude;
I want turmoil and brawl.

And if you should give them to me,
my God, once and for all,
let me be sure to have them always,
for I will not always
have the courage to ask for them.

Corporal Zirnheld
Special Air Service