Saturday, September 09, 2006

Updates, updates, updates...

Been a long time since I've managed to post, so here goes:


And I'm lovin' it! Things didn't quite go how I'd planned--I had to sort of wing it on a few things--grabbing opportunities that presented themselves and such. I quit my job at the beginning of June and came up to NH to work at an awesome camp I found online.

I spent the summer working as an athletics counselor and rowing instructor for boys between 10 and 13. I had an absolute blast! The folks who run the camp are awesome--intelligent, interesting, talented, competent, and professional. The other summer staff were really cool--the above goes for them as well. And the boys were just great! I am going to try my best to work with them again next summer.

Now living in Canterbury, NH, way out in the boonies. I don't have cell phone signal (although the Verizon and Cingular subscribers seem to). I'm living on an "estate" with the personal assistant of the woman who owns the estate. My roommate is Allayn, female, 50, and she's cool. First night I was here, I found out she's a big Warren Zevon fan as well. So I broke out my Zevon CDs and we listened to them and drank all night.

The folks here are sort of hippies, which isn't too bad. They're into the organic farming thing, but they aren't doing it as a business, apparently. They've got a nice dog (Nanook) who looks a bit like a miniature polar bear. They've got several cats, and a couple of horses. The view is wonderful, and it's quiet out here.

I'm looking for a job. I've got a temporary job as a security guard for New Hampshire International Speedway. Went to orientation for that job today. That's not a great paying job, and it's only until the 17th or so, but it's something. I've dropped a bunch of resumes off looking for an entry level machinist job. Haven't had any calls yet, but it's still early. There are a lot of jobs up here--I may have to take something else until I can find a machine shop that will take a chance on me.

Had to buy a new computer first thing--my other one died sitting in my car all summer. Just got the net hooked to my 'puter finally tonight--thus the update.